Dao is a character in the Crazy franchise. He is the lead protagonist in the Crazy Arcade comic.

Crazy Arcade Edit

According to the Korean Crazy Arcade website, Dao's area of specialty is Normal, or well-rounded stats.

Stats Edit

  • Count: 1/10/10
  • Blast: 1/7/10
  • Speed: 5/7/10

Trivia Edit

  • Dao has the highest maximum Count stat of all non-special playable characters at 10.
  • Dao has the lowest maximum Speed stat of all non-special playable characters at 7.

CrazyRacing KartRider Edit

Dao is one of the two default characters (the other being Diz) that can be chosen when a player first makes a KartRider account.

In other languages Edit

  • Korean: 다오 (rr: Dao; Dao)

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